The things made possible by our simple little hands is astonishing.

In an alternate reality, we could all have stumps or hooks or any number of other less valuable appendages instead. And while I’m sure we’d manage, we’re very lucky for the hands we’ve been dealt.

Because it’s so easy to take it all for granted. To just think, “what’s the big deal? We all have them. We’re supposed to have them.”

But just because you’re ‘supposed’ to have something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be grateful.

You get to look at life and interpret things whichever way you’d like.

You can be grateful and appreciative for the things you have, or you can be bitter and resentful for the things you don’t.

The reality of it is; it’s a choice.

At any given time you could come up with 100 things you’re grateful for or 100 things that you wish you had.

One of those approaches is going to make you feel positive, appreciative, and grateful.

The other leaves you unsatisfied, longing for more, and perpetually disappointed.

So sure, there’s nothing special about my hands per se, but they enable me to do all sorts of amazing things.

And for that, I’m grateful.

11 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Thanks for bringing that marvel to my attention. You left me a like on my hands submission “Good-bye, Papa.” It grabbed my attention since your name “Evan” is the name of one of the grandsons present at that “good-bye” occasion. Hope you have your grandfathers still. Best to you. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow with a new topic.


    1. Hi Oneta! Yours is a nice post, thank you for sharing. It’s interesting seeing all of the different interpretations people have of vague prompts like this. Thanks for leaving a comment and have a great day!


  2. Our hands are a marvel and unbelievably complex. I am due an operation on my right hand to remove the dupytrens and relieve the curling of my pinkie. I am also being treated for trigger thumb, the pain is debilitating. Love your hands!!! Laura


    1. Hi Laura! They really are incredible. Sorry to hear about your hand though. I hope the operation and treatments go well! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Being grateful is a choice and always choose gratefulness ❤️❤️❤️ thanks hun ❤️❤️❤️


  4. I appreciate this one a lot. I’m a hands kind of gal, compulsively touching all the trinkets in the store that I have no intention of buying, pet the random owl statue, chalk art where you can really get your hands dirty, that kind of thing. Why? Maybe there’s something special about being able to feel for the essence of something. Being able to interact with the world on such a fundamental level is something we should never take for granted – the opposable thumb was a great invention! Our hands also let us build, to create things on a level that most species can’t.


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