#7 I want to change, but where do I even begin?

This was a question that I’ve asked myself more times than I can remember. For a long time I was stuck. I didn’t accomplish or do a whole lot and I was a miserable person as a byproduct. I would constantly tell myself that I needed to change. I didn’t like where I was at or even who I was. So I would start thinking, talking about all of the things I’m going to change. How I’m going to do a total 180 in my life. Go from broke as a joke to killing it. Unfortunately moments later when I start to realize how much effort this will take I would become overwhelmed and decide ‘maybe another time’. The whole cycle. Frustration, depression, inspiration, anxiety, and accepting status quo, could sometimes play out in just a few short minutes. Sadly I was stuck in this vicious cycle. And I remained stuck until one day I came across a piece of content that suggested that I start small, gain confidence, and use the momentum. And the positive feedback loop that was jump-started by the micro victories was just the thing that I was missing. I learned a valuable lesson about how to break a my problems down into pieces that I can better manage. I always wanted to start on step 10 when there was a reason I needed to be on step one. I think a lot of it was ego. Feeling like I had to make up for lost time. Thinking that I was so far behind everyone, the only way I could comeback was by taking shortcuts. But as I know better now – shortcuts seldom work. So this is one of the core philosophies that I’ve adopted in regards to mindset and change.  Start small, go one step at a time, and aim for consistent and gradual progress. I believe that is how you make real change and achieve goals.

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