The Great River of Life

“The world is nothing but change. Our life is only perception.” -Marcus Aurelius

Life is like a great river. Perpetually and relentlessly moving onward. There is no holding on. No stopping. No timeouts. And most importantly, no going backwards. This might sound overwhelming or negative, but try to suspend judgment for a moment. Because these statements aren’t good or bad. They’re neutral. They are laws of nature. So much time and energy is wasted fighting against the current. Hoping to go back or to maintain the status quo. But mother nature never loses. The river keeps flowing regardless. And whether or not you embraced or enjoyed the journey is of no concern to her.

So instead, learn to navigate the river by accepting it’s nature and working with it. Harness it’s power and let it propel you. Drift with the current to conserve energy. Push forward with the current and let it double your efforts. Embrace change and travel vast distances. Accept the difficult stretches as a necessary part of the journey. Reach new places and have new experiences. Life is nothing but change. Embrace it and let it carry you to places you never knew existed.

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