Protect your word

If you can’t trust someone’s word, how can you trust them for anything?

To be impeccable with your word is one of the four agreements and a principle I try to live around as best I can.

Because your word can carry weight and power. 

Or it can mean less than nothing.

Humans are social creatures. We exist with and for one another – whether we like it or not. Over the course of our lives, we’ll meet tens of thousands of people, thousands of acquaintances, and have many friendships. So we’ll have a huge number of relationships, and relationships are built around trust. One of the best and most compelling ways to build trust is to be impeccable with your word. 

Do the things you say, honor your commitments and agreements, and use your word for good.

We all know plenty of people who are reckless with their words and as a result their word is worthless. Broken promises can say more than words ever could. But we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Everyone makes mistakes, has to cancel, and break commitments at times. It’s bound to happen. The difference is whether or not you’re okay with doing it.

Do you respect other people’s time? Does your word mean something? When you say you’re going to do something, do you do it?

Act as if your words matter. 

Then protect them.

Because how much can a person possibly be worth if their word is worth nothing?

6 thoughts on “Protect your word

  1. Don’t believe what I say, believe what I do.

    Don’t tell me how you are going to do it, tell me how you did it.


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