Slow down

It's finally springtime again. And my favorite thing to do in the morning is walk outside, stand in the sun, and think. I think about the grass, the trees, and the sun. The birds chirping and the insects crawling around. I remind myself to take deep breaths and to soak it all in. Life and… Continue reading Slow down


The word pairs makes me think about the duality of life. There is light and there is dark. Right and wrong. Happy and sad. Good and bad. All of these pairs are inextricably linked in such a way that you simply cannot have one without the other. How could you appreciate happiness if you've never… Continue reading Pairs


The things made possible by our simple little hands is astonishing. In an alternate reality, we could all have stumps or hooks or any number of other less valuable appendages instead. And while I'm sure we'd manage, we're very lucky for the hands we've been dealt. Because it's so easy to take it all for… Continue reading Hands