Slow down

It’s finally springtime again.

And my favorite thing to do in the morning is walk outside, stand in the sun, and think.

I think about the grass, the trees, and the sun. The birds chirping and the insects crawling around. I remind myself to take deep breaths and to soak it all in.

Life and everything that comes with it. What a trip.

It’s a simple, but peaceful and rewarding. Appreciating nature for what it is and getting to escape from my ever-judging, ever-thinking mind. I don’t have to think about money, politics, or global pandemics – I just observe.

It’s refreshing.

Even knowing that I soon have to thrust myself back into reality, I’m okay with it. The stresses of everyday life contrast against the serenity of my morning meditation making it all the more powerful.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the commotion. There are always things to be done. New things to try. Somewhere to go. And all of the other times we find ourselves frantically in a “go go go!” state of mind.

Forcing myself to slow down and reflect before jumping into the day is one of the most important rituals that I do.

Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow.

Everything in moderation.

7 thoughts on “Slow down

      1. I went for my second driveway walk today and thought about you given that we had similar posts about our morning walks. “I wonder if Evan has taken his morning walk… I wonder what sounds/sights he has seen today.”


      2. My walks have been great lately – the weather has been great so getting out a bit more! πŸ™‚ How have yours been?


      3. I’m enjoying every second of them. Thanks. Our drive is really starting to dry up after our snow melt. I also did some yard work for the first time in over a year and a half. Felt so great!


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