Action and Iteration

How do we find our way through life? How are we supposed to know the next step to take? And how do we approach long journeys?

It boils down to two words: action and iteration.

Setting goals can be very beneficial. But don’t get carried away. Set a goal, create a system, and execute. Don’t sit there trying to plan 500 steps ahead. Partly because it’s a waste of time and partly because we probably don’t know what we’re talking about anyway. That’s the beauty of learning. As you grow and progress, you discover ideas, principles, and paths you never could have known existed. Stay open to new ideas and possibilities. 

Think about how a submarine works. Their destination may be a thousand miles away. But do you think the operator is sitting there trying to calculate the exact angle they need to make it perfectly in one motion? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. They start moving, receive feedback, and course corrects. 

This process I call action and iteration.

  • Take action. 
  • Receive feedback. 
  • Adjust accordingly.

When in doubt, take action. For the simple fact that the other two can’t function without it. By implementing this mentality and regularly taking action in the direction of your goal, you can avoid stagnation. Focus on the process, not the result.

3 thoughts on “Action and Iteration

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