Honesty: A Pillar of Strong Relationships

Honesty is a core pillar in my philosophy of life. This is because the ability to think and speak freely is extremely important to me. When I say 'speak freely', what I'm really referring to is the ability to be completely authentic and honest. If I'm constantly worrying about having to censor myself, it's much… Continue reading Honesty: A Pillar of Strong Relationships

You Become Your Focus

You become what you focus on.A simple message with profound implications. Focus on the negative, become negative, and gain pessimism.Pessimism leads to less ambition and limited expectations.OrFocus on the positive, become positive, and gain optimism.Optimism leads to greater ambition and unlimited potential.We all get to choose what we focus on.What will you choose?

Harness The Power of Imagination

Reality starts in the mind. Our past experiences, beliefs, and thoughts shape our expectations and influence the present before it's even happened. Change must start somewhere. And that somewhere is the mind. Learn to harness the power of imagination. Imagine the possibilities. Suspend your preconceptions and dream freely. Think of all the good you can… Continue reading Harness The Power of Imagination

How Suffering Leads to Greatness

"I'm a big believer in doing something that sucks every single day of your life." -David Goggins Greatness demands suffering. We see people achieve incredible feats, such as running an ultra marathon (100+ miles) or a publishing a scientific breakthrough. We may think that person is just extremely gifted or a genius. That very well could… Continue reading How Suffering Leads to Greatness